IPLS Materials

I am very glad for others to use and adapt these materials for educational purposes only (no commercial use); please attribute materials to me in any form you use. If you adapt them please acknowledge the original and send me a copy of your adaptation, so that I can benefit from your ideas.


Swarthmore course syllabus with biological contexts

American Journal of Physics article (with Ken Heller, University of Minnesota) about course design and preliminary assessment results

Full Swarthmore course description for students including course structure and pedagogy as well as content

Laboratory materials

Overview of laboratory materials

Full list of labs and introduction 

Materials for specific labs:

  • Electrocardiography — updated 1 January 2020
    Zip files with all materials Part 1 Part 2 Slides
    Electrocardiography reading PDF Word
    Electrocardiography mathematical appendis PDF Word
    Electrocardiography lecture slides PPT PDF
    Electrocardiography lab writeup PDF Word
    Electrocardiography lab equipment list PDF
    Electrocardiography lab instructor notes PDF Word
    Electrocardiography data animation (zipped Mathematica notebook)
    Electrocardiography homework problem PDF Word
  • Passive spread of nerve signals (adapted from a lab developed by Lili Cui and Eric Anderson, UMBC)
    Lab manual PDF Word
    Diagrams PDF Word
  • Understanding how microscopes work (optical instruments part I)
    Lab manual PDF Word
    Lab equipment list PDF Word
    Diagrams Word
    Preparation solutions PDF Word

Zip file with PDFs of all labs

Other teaching materials

If you would like editable files of anything that is posted here, or are wondering if I have materials about a particular topic, please don’t hesitate to ask; please send me email to request them at ccrouch1@swarthmore.edu.
Zip file with class notes

Zip file with syllabus and problem sets

Zip file with ConcepTests and sample problems

Biological homework problems PDF file

Biological homework problems Word file

Geometric optics teaching materials (ConcepTests and problems used in class)

Geometric optics homework assignments

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