Awards and Fellowships

External Funding

Co-PI on NSF IUSE grant, “Investigating how life science students develop lasting skill in making connections between physics and biology,” (DUE-2142074), $300k, 2022-25, with PI Benjamin Geller (Swarthmore Physics).
PI on NSF IUSE grant, “Do Connections Persist? A Pilot Study Investigating the Lasting Impact of a Physics Course Designed to Facilitate Connections With Biology,” (DUE-1710875), $220k, August 2017- August 2021, with co-PIs Benjamin Geller (Swarthmore Physics) and Sara Hiebert Burch (Swarthmore Biology).
Co-PI on National Science Foundation IUSE grant, “Collaborative Research: Community Sourcing of Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences,” (DUE–1624017), PI Robert Hilborn (American Association of Physics Teachers), 2016-2019).

Co-PI on National Science Foundation TUES grant “Creating a Common Thermodynamics,” DUE-1122941, PI Edward F. Redish (University of Maryland) (2011-2014).

National Science Foundation Research Opportunity Award to join the laboratory of Prof. Tobias Baumgart, University of Pennsylvania as part of 2010-11 sabbatical.

Argonne National Laboratory Center for Nanoscale Materials User Proposal, “Quantum Rod Blinking and Fluorescence Lifetimes on Sub-Microsecond Timescales,” approved September 2007.

Contributor to work of Swarthmore College Howard Hughes Medical Institute Science Education awards, 2006-2015.

Professional Society Awards

Elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society, through the Topical Group in Physics Education Research, October 2021: “For leadership in physics education research focused on promoting thoughtful use of interactive engagement for all students, and for making physics relevant to life science majors, as well as for supporting others through archiving of key resources, mentoring, and commitment to equity and inclusion in STEM.”

American Physical Society Outstanding Referee 2016 (reflects cumulative service).

Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships

Materials Research Science & Engineering Center Postdoctoral Fellowship, Harvard University, 2001-2002.

Fellow, AT&T Graduate Research Program for Women, 1991–1996.

Graduate Fellow, National Science Foundation, 1991–1994.

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