Introductory Physics for Life Sciences

I have developed a course (Physics 4L at Swarthmore College) which replaces the second half of the traditional two-semester introductory physics sequence, and incorporates extensive life science applications of electricity, magnetism, and optics, as well as teaching the basic concepts. This curriculum development was supported in part by the HHMI Science Education grant to Swarthmore College.

In developing this course, I have consulted extensively with my Swarthmore colleagues in biology and chemistry and faculty at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and collaborated with other physics faculty around the country who are undertaking similar projects, including being a co-PI on an NSF TUES grant led by Joe Redish at the University of Maryland.

My IPLS materials are available for use and adaptation; I welcome feedback! Please attribute materials that you obtain this web site to me; if you adapt them please attribute them and send me a copy of your adaptation, so that I can benefit from your ideas.

My talks and articles on IPLS are also available. I was also part of the organizing team for two NSF-funded workshops on IPLS reform, in October 2009 and March 2014. The materials from the March 2014 workshop are available on Compadre.

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