IPLS Talks

Invited and Juried Talks from Swarthmore IPLS/PER Group

Benjamin D. Geller, “The impact of IPLS in a senior biology capstone course,” juried talk at the virtual X-Discipline Based Education Research (X-DBER) conference, University of Nebraska, Lincoln (2021).

Catherine Crouch, “Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences: Design Principles, Resources, and Community,” invited talk at 2019 APS March Meeting, session C60, Boston, MA, 4 March 2019. slides

Catherine Crouch, “Does It Stick? Assessing the Long-Term Impact of IPLS,” invited talk at 2019 AAPT Winter Meeting, session EC, Houston, TX, 14 January 2019 slides

Benjamin D. Geller, “Transformative experience in a physics course designed to facilitate connections with biology,” juried talk at the Physics Education Research Conference, Washington, D.C. (2018).

Catherine Crouch, “Optimizing Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences”:

  • UCLA workshop on IPLS reform, February 2015 PDF (5 MB)
  • Gordon Conference on Physics and Education: The Complex Intersection of Biology and Physics, June 2014 PDF (4 MB)
  • Yale Center for Scientific Teaching, May 2014 PDF (4 MB)

“Teaching Introductory Physics in Biological Context”:

  • Harvard University Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, November 2014
  • Seattle Physics Education Research Seminar Series, October 2014
  • Physics Colloquium, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, April 2014
  • APS April Meeting 2014, Session H, April 2014 PDF (4 MB) 
  • AAPT Summer Meeting 2013, Session BF, July 2013 PDF (4 MB)
  • University of Pittsburgh Physics Colloquium, February 2013 PDF (4 MB)
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County Physics Colloquium May 2011 PDF (3 MB)

Contributed Talks from Swarthmore IPLS/PER Group

All AAPT/PERC Virtual Summer Meeting 2020 talks and posters are linked to this page.

All AAPT Summer Meeting 2019 talks and posters are linked to this page.

Unpacking the sources of student interest in an IPLS course,” Geller, Turpen, Renninger, Wisittanawat, and Crouch, presented at the summer 2015 American Association of Physics Teachers meeting, College Park, MD.

Traditional physics versus IPLS:  Comparing student interest and engagement,” Williams, Geller, Turpen, Renninger, and Crouch, presented at the summer 2015 American Association of Physics Teachers meeting, College Park, MD.

“Life Science Students Learning Physics with Life Science Examples,” Renninger, Wisittanawat, Cai, and Crouch, presented as part of a symposium at the April 2015 American Educational Research Association conference.

“Initial Interest, Goals, and Changes in CLASS Scores in Introductory Physics for Life Sciences,” Crouch, Wisittanawat, and Renninger, Physics Education Research Conference 2013 PDF (7 MB)

“The effect of interest on including life science contexts in introductory physics,” Wissittanawat, Renninger, and Crouch, Physics Education Research Conference 2013

“Teaching physics to life science students – examining the role of biological context,” Crouch and Heller, Physics Education Research Conference at AAPT Summer Meeting 2011 PDF (13 MB)

“Capstone examples for second semester IPLS: confocal microscopy and nerve signaling,” Crouch, AAPT Winter Meeting 2011 PDF (15 MB)

“A stand-alone course in optics, electricity, and magnetism for the life sciences,” Crouch, AAPT Summer Meeting 2009 PDF (15 MB)


co-organized AAPT March 2014 Workshop on IPLS, 

co-organized AAPT Summer Meeting 2013: Reforming the Introductory Physics Course for Life Science Majors  (co-organizer: Ralf Widenhorn, Portland State University)

  • materials presented: Optical Instruments lab PDF (366 KB)
  • course syllabus
  • slides for panel presentation PDF (251 KB)

AAPT Summer Meeting 2012: Reforming the Introductory Physics Course for Life Science Majors  (organizer: Dawn Meredith, University of New Hampshire)

AAPT Summer Meeting 2010: Biology and Medicine-Inspired Laboratories (organizer: Mark Reeves, George Washington University)

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